Couples who stole everyone’s hearts with their amazingly choreographed first dance routine at their wedding!
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Brian and Sandy Lundmark
Brian and Sandy Lundmark dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and so does every guest!
Brian and Sandy Lundmark from Oklahoma decided to dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" after Sandy was inspired by a scene in the Jennifer Garner film "13 Going on 30." Jackson's "Thriller" is the second best-selling album in history behind the Eagles "Greatest Hits."
Sandy said their wedding dance was designed to insure a that a dance-adverse member of their wedding party would hit the floor: the groom.
"I really didn't think he would go through with it. I mean, that's a lot of work to figure out how to do all the moves and everything," Sandy recalled.
Brian studied the Michael Jackson "Thriller" music video in slow motion and not only learned the moves but also taught them to the entire wedding party. "I kept telling everybody while were practicing that it didn't really matter so much what you do as long as you get the claws right," Brian said.
The ceremony went off without a hitch and then came time for the big dance. The couple admits to having a few butterflies as they began. "Right when I turned around, I was like, 'Oh, what have I gotten myself into?' And so I was worried up until about the first move when we kind of drop down into that funky step at the beginning, and then everybody started cheering," Brian said.