Couples who stole everyone’s hearts with their amazingly choreographed first dance routine at their wedding!
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Dave and Holiie Smith being interviewed after the video went viral
Hollie and Dave Smith shunned the traditional slow, romantic first dance
Hollie told Mercury readers last week how it was her idea to choreograph and plan the dance sequence. She said: "I wanted to do something different, something a little more fun.
"I think our ushers and bridesmaids thought we were joking to begin with."
The six-minute sequence of dances, includes hits by Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and Kanye West, Destiny's Child, Beyonce and R Kelly. When David was asked what on earth he was thinking about when he did the dancing. He said: "I'm not too sure really.
"I am always up for a laugh but been on the day it thought we knew it but on the day everyone was saying 'you can have drink now' but I was like I can't 'you don't know what's coming up." The real star of the show, was Hollie's father, whose two left feet were a particular highlight. Dave said his father-in-law really did have his moves nailed in practice.He joked: "His worst performance was at the wedding."