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Bev & James Parris Wedding Dance 21st July 2015
Best First Dance Video ever? Bev and James perform incredible dance at wedding reception.
What do you get if you cross a professional dancer and a wedding? One incredible first dance and a brilliant video? James Parris and his blushing bride Beverly carefully choreographed their first dance and shocked the whole wedding party with a vibrant, up-beat routine involving a dozen members of the audience.
The video starts with the couple on an empty dance floor, in front of their loved ones and guests, about to begin their traditional first dance; but it's clear this is no ordinary wedding slow dance when club sirens kick in and the bride, wearing a strapless, full-skirted fishtail dress, swiftly kicks off her heels then several female guests are seen rushing on to the dance floor to join the bride and groom as the sounds of Strike's 1994 hit U Sure Do starts and they start jumping up and down to signal the routine is about to begin.
Beverley, who works for dance company Hip Hop Pop, said: "I wanted to do something special for our first dance, so I asked James if he would do a routine with me.
"I didn't think he'd want to do it because he's a shy boy and he's not a dancer at all, so I was over the moon when he agreed. I then spoke to my colleagues at Hip Hop Pop and we started planning a dance routine about three weeks before.
"We only had about five hours rehearsal time in total, so James really did do fantastically."
Towards the end of the routine, the music slowed and finally incorporated a traditional love song, which saw the couple slow-dance, finishing as the groom romantically dipped his bride.
As the couple signal the end of the dance, the guests raucously cheered and applauded the surprise show.