Couples who stole everyone’s hearts with their amazingly choreographed first dance routine at their wedding!
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James Moorcroft and Francesca Constables- The groom surprises his wife!
At James and Francesca wedding; the bride was also left stunned by the grooms surprise:
Former dancer James Moorcroft, and three friends took over the floor halfway through his slow dance with Francesca,, and performed an hilarious five-minute routine for her and guests at their wedding in Endon, Staffordshire.
Francesca said she had no idea what was going on when Ryan McShane interrupted their dance to James Bay's If I Ain't Got You and led her to a seat before being joined by Greg McDonagh, and Joe Hopwood.
Francesca and James met through dance competitions and went on to win several national titles in Latin before retiring three years ago to concentrate on their Bridgtown-based dancewear business.
She said: "People were expecting something spectacular from us because we were dancers but we'd said we just wanted to shuffle round. My dress was so fitted I couldn't do much more anyway. but I felt it was boring for people and I whispered to James 'Let's do something' but he said 'Don't worry, it will all come good' and the next second Ryan came on the floor.
"What they did was brilliant. I was creased up laughing."
The routine's success is all the more surprising given it was thrown together at the last minute after being dreamt up on James' stag weekend in Leeds and put together the following weekend when Francesca was on her hen do.
The friends hired the Alan Young Dance Centre in Brownhills for three hours to work on their moves but abandoned the rehearsal after an hour to play golf and go to the pub. Their only other practice session was a quick run-through at the wedding reception shortly before taking to the floor at The Ashes Country House Barn in Endon.
James said: "It was good fun, I like to make a prat of myself.
"It was the photographer who suggested videoing it and I thought it was a good idea because people like my nan would be too little to see, and they could always watch it afterwards.
"It's all gone a bit crazy but there have been lots of positive comments. I'm glad we did it."
Images and Video © Frank Henshall Photography.