Couples who stole everyone’s hearts with their amazingly choreographed first dance routine at their wedding!
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John and Michelle have got back
At John and Michelle's wedding; the couple had a surprise for their guests. An original classic! 
The person shooting video at the John and Michelle Brubaker wedding asked if it would be OK to post video of the dance, Michelle said, and the couple said yes, thinking nothing of it. Maybe family and friends could check it out, she thought.
“Our 15 minutes of fame has turned into a half-hour,” said John, a San Diego firefighter described by colleagues as conservative.
Francesca and James met through dance competitions and went on to win several national titles in Latin before retiring three years ago to concentrate on their Bridgtown-based dancewear business.
The couple merely was trying to jazz up the first dance at their wedding party.
“During most first dances people seem to head to the bar,” said John, who had no idea he and his wife, Michelle, who works in public relations, would be the subject of Google searches around the world. The newlyweds started slow dancing to “Unchained Melody.” Suddenly the music switched to the hip-hop “Baby Got Back.” Feigning surprise, they launched into a routine that included a dance move called “the sprinkler.”